Xapo Granted E-Money License

August 9, 2017

Xapo granted E-Money License

We are proud to announce that Xapo (Gibraltar) Ltd. has been granted an E-money License by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission effective July 10th 2017. License under the Financial Services (Banking) Act of 1992, License number FSC0063BNK.

As a regulated E-Money Institution Xapo is now licensed to issue electronic money in multiple fiat currencies.

We are thankful for the professionalism of the GFSC and the warm welcome that Xapo has received in Gibraltar. We look forward to being part of Gibraltar’s continuing growth as an international financial centre and its growing reputation as a Fintech hub.

Xapo would also like to thank Joey Garcia and the team at ISOLAS for their significant contribution and commitment to making Gibraltar the best home for innovation.

We continue to work towards the Xapo vision of free, instant and global value transfer. By combining our easy-to-use multicurrency mobile app with the highest standards of safety for our users’ funds Xapo hopes to give access to financial services to many people and countries now excluded from global markets.

Xapo is designed as a regulated intermediary to offer our users the highest level of consumer protection. As a custodian of fiat currency being a licensed institution is the best way to guarantee to our users that their money is safe.

Diego Valenzuela

By General Counsel

Article published on August 9, 2017


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