Making the most of your multi-user wallet

Last week, we announced the release of our suite of products designed to help institutions and businesses manage their bitcoin. But multi-user wallets aren’t restricted to these groups, and in fact can also be used in a similar way to manage bitcoin spending with your family, friends, or teams. This week, we’ll show you a…

By Julia Bloch

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Xapo Institutions

Xapo is excited to announce the launch of Xapo Institutions, our suite of products and services tailored to businesses and institutional investors. With Xapo Institutions, Xapo is now the industry’s only bitcoin vault solution combining advanced multi-signature and deep cold storage technologies with a powerful, secure treasury management system. Providing secure bitcoin storage services for…

By Julia Bloch

significant of bitcoin price

What is the significance of bitcoin's price?

So far, 2015 has not been kind to the price of bitcoin. Volatility and pricing have again been at the forefront of bitcoin news following its decline to $250 shortly after the New Year. One month later, the price fell even further, below the psychologically significant $200 price point. Many have been left to question,…

By Carlos Maslaton


Product Update: Multi-Signature Wallets and Dynamic Wallet Addresses

Multi-Signature Wallets.  As part of our commitment to providing the most secure bitcoin wallet, Xapo is happy to announce the expansion of our multi-signature architecture to all Xapo Wallets. Our multi-signature wallet addresses require transaction authorization from at least 2 of 3 private keys from different Xapo sites around the world. This change leverages our…

By Carlos Rienzi

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Bitcoin Predictions for 2015

Bitcoin predictions for 2015 In our blog post 10 Reasons Why Bitcoin is the Future, Xapo’s Chief Strategy Officer Ted Rogers wrote that “it will take years for bitcoin to achieve its status as a global unit of account but, as it spreads across borders and becomes a de facto global currency, it will transition naturally into the…

By Carlos Maslaton

Xapo Raises $20 Million Investment

Xapo Responds to CoinDesk Article On Susceptibility to Backdoor Attack

A recent CoinDesk article titled "Research: Hackers Could Install Backdoor in Bitcoin Cold Storage" raised the prospect of a type of reverse-engineering, backdoor attack, described by Stephan Verbücheln of Humboldt University.  The article specifically mentioned Xapo, and we wanted to respond. The article describes an attacker changing an enterprise code and inserting a "backdoor" to…

By Carlos Rienzi

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Bitcoin is Changing Communication

Bitcoin isn’t simply an innovation in currency. It’s an innovation in communication.  Bitcoin is becoming the universal language of money.  And as with email, SMS, and video chat, new technologies that enhance our ability to communicate one-to-one typically start off slowly, build up a user base—and ultimately go global.  The Evolution of our Communication People have…

By Federico Murrone

10 Reasons Why Bitcoin is the Future

On December 4, 2013, the price of bitcoin hit its all-time high of $1,147.  Exactly one year later, the price is $378. For better or worse, price affects perception: when the price falls, skeptics’ arguments -- about powerful incumbents, regulatory obstacles, lack of use cases, etc. -- gain momentum. The price of bitcoin moves up and down, however,…

By Ted Rogers

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

A long time ago on the island of Yap in Micronesia people used stones as money. Back then some African communities used sea shells as money, people in Asia used salt as money, and people in North America used beads as money, but on the island of Yap, you used stones as a way of…

By Wences Casares

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

A bitcoin Wallet is a place to store and access the bitcoins you want to use for everyday spending. For those who are unfamiliar with bitcoin, an easy way to conceptualize a bitcoin Wallet is to think of it like a checking account. Just like a checking account at a traditional bank, a bitcoin Wallet…

By Rob Marsh