Xapo and Phishing Attacks

October 11, 2017


What is Phishing?

At Xapo, we are constantly working to improve the security of our users by enhancing our infrastructure and helping customers identify various types of threats.

Phishing is an attack, perpetrated by a criminal, tricking you into clicking on an url that looks very similar to the site you are trying to access.


How to protect yourself from phishing?

To avoid falling for a phishing scheme we recommend that you use the Xapo mobile app as your preferred channel to access Xapo.

If you are using the Xapo Web App please bookmark the correct url and make sure to always log in from there. Be suspicious of any email claiming to be from Xapo, especially those providing a link for you to log in and failing in this process.


Xapo’s checklist

While logging into the Xapo Web app please check the following:

  1. When you click on the login button make sure that it redirects you to https://account.xapo.com
  2. Verify that your browser marks the page as secure and the ssl certificate is correct for the url

We strongly encourage Xapo’s users to contact our customer support team whenever they feel that their Xapo accounts might be under any security threat. We will be more than happy to assist you!


Carlos Rienzi

By Head of Security

Article published on October 11, 2017


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